UBERPLAY | WATCH IPL during the RIDE in PUNE with UBER & Chnace to win a Month free rides

UBERPLAY | WATCH IPL during the RIDE in PUNE with UBER & Chnace to win a Month free rides

How often have you found yourself stuck in a traffic-jam, while your favourite cricketer is in-form, on-strike and on a TV screen far away?  April is packed with the best cricketing action and we want you to catch every single second of it.


In partnership with Furlenco we are bringing you, a premium breed of Uber cars, equipped with full-HD LED screens, leather recliners and a mini-fridge – everything you need to sit-back, relax and catch all the action LIVE on-the-move.

Note: Since this is a pilot-run, we are limiting the number of users to the first 100 people who will be part of the test group to experience UberPLAY through the month of April (for FREE) and provide their valuable feedback.

Simply enter the promo PLAY2016 to have a chance to win a month of FREE rides on, well…ummm.. UberPLAY.

1. Immersive Watching Experience

Enjoy a truly immersive experience on one of the most advanced in-car entertainment systems available on the road today. The module features a 32-inch LED screen with 1080p full HD resolution, best in-class audio systems, and an innovative yet intuitive touch screen surface (lets’ face it, remotes are so old-school).

2. Ergonomically Enhanced Seats

The ergonomically sculpted, temperature-regulating seats and cushions take in-car comfort to the next level. The seat back-cushions provide better lumbar support and the seat pan offers the most comfortable seating position. With more than 40 inches of leg space, you wouldn’t believe you’re in a car!

3. The Most Compatible Lighting Environment

Interior Design Research backed by the leading scientists in mood-setting has led to the development of not just the most stylish viewing light, but one that is also conducive for reading and working. The lighting will accentuate the excitement, taking your cricket experience to the ultimate level.

4. Your Perfect Working Companion

If you’ve still got some work to wrap up, we’ve got your covered there too. Each car will come fully equipped with power sockets, foldable tray-tables and in-seat USB cables, allowing you to turn your ride into a mobile work-station like no other!

So, don’t wait for that innings-break to head to your favourite joint. Enjoy those fours and sixes on the go! Use your journey-time to catch up on the last game’s highlights or watch the action, LIVE! All this while sipping on a cold one, relaxing on plush leather recliner seats.

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