Smart Mobile phone chargers for Bikes by Bolt

Bolt Red Streak - smart mobilephone charger for motorbikes

Bolt Is A Smart Usb Charger Which Not Only Charges Your Gadgets While You Are Riding But Also Helps You Track Your Rides, Speed, Distance Using The Smart Bolt App. Give The Endless Power To Your Gadgest Using This Waterproof And Anti-Theft Charger.

Available on   Bolt Red Streak - smart mobilephone charger for motorbikes  Bolt Red Streak - smart mobilephone charger for motorbikes

What do you get in the #BoltExperience ?

  • Bolt Red Streak : Charge on the go
    A compact water-proof mobile charger designed to charge any mobile safely and fast on the bike. The unique detachable design makes it easy for you to un-plug and carry the charger with you when you are not riding.

  • Bolt Riders App : Re-live your riding experience
    The App helps you to profile your riding experience. It automatically activates when you connect the Bolt Red Streak to your phone. It captures your ride details like total distance travelled, average speed and the exact route on the map for all your rides.

  • Installation Assitance & Support
    We provide a 24x7 customer support. You can either install the Bolt Red Streak yourself (check out the installation video) or just take it to any mechanic and give us a call at +91 - 9555 30 50 40 and we would guide the mechanic over the call.

  • 1 Year Full-Replacement Warranty on Device
    Download the Bolt Riders App to activate the 1 year FREE full device replacement warranty. If anything goes wrong, we send you the new device at your doorstep.

  • Bolt Pocket : Keep your phone safe
    This makes it easy to place your phone safely on the bike while you are riding, Its a pouch which straps on to the fuel tank of the bike and keeps the phone steady. The pouch is water-resistant and touch-screen friendly.

  • Free Lifetime Updates for the Bolt Riders App
    The Bolt Riders App is just not a tracking app, its an app created for Riders. Once your app is activated, you would get free upgrades for lifetime. And if you have any feedback or have a feature request, then just drop us a note and our team would immediately act on it.
Step by Step installation guide to place the Bolt Charger on your motorbike. Click here

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