UBER RIDER PRO TIPS for Keeping you safe

UBER RIDER PRO TIPS for Keeping you safe
UBER RIDER PRO TIPS for Keeping you safe

In India, more people than ever are using Uber to get where they need to go. Check out the Uber Pro Tips below to learn how to move around the city like an expert and ensure that you have a 5 star rider experience from start to finish.

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Our highest priority is connecting riders to the safest, most reliable ride on the road. Our technology is designed to bring accountability and transparency to every ride so you can always feel safe taking an Uber.
Follow these tips to ensure a 5-Star Uber experience:
  1. Confirm you’re getting in the right Uber. Double check the license plate number matches the car’s plate and photo matches the driver. Confirm your driver’s name and tell him your name. If name / license doesn’t match, cancel the ride and report to us at support@uber.com.
  2. Confirm you’re getting in the right Uber
    Confirm you’re getting in the right Uber
  3. Need to contact your driver? Swipe the tray up and select “Contact” to call or text your driver.
  4. Share your journey in real time. Use the “Send Status” feature to send your friends or family a map of your route and expected time of arrival.

    Share your journey in real time Share your journey in real time
  5. Provide feedback. Our feedback loop asks riders to rate every trip. We use that information to evaluate our driver partners.
  6. Detailed receipts. Every Uber receipt includes your driver’s name, photo and route information from pickup to drop off. Your receipt is your detailed guide to your trip. Additional questions? Just click the ‘Support’ tab in the app or reply to your receipt and a member of our support team will follow up shortly!
And don’t forget:
  • Make sure to buckle up!
  • Have more than 4 passengers? Request a second Uber.
  • Request a second Uber.
    Request a second Uber.
    Please refrain from asking your driver to pick you up or drop you off in areas where pickup/drop-off parking is not permitted.

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