Chalo Jugnoo Se
Jugnoo offers reliable, yet affordable auto rides. Click for an auto and reach your destination in no time. We assure your convenience! This service available in Chandigarh Ludhiana Amritsar Gurgram Indore Delhi Navi Mumbai Jaipur Bangalore in these cities only.

Why Jugnoo Autos 

  • Fast Click and choose your ride. Request a ride and let our Jugnoo driver take you to your world of travel.
  • Affordable Minimizing auto charges, maximizing customer satisfaction. Save up to 32% on total costs/fares compared to regular auto drives.
  • Reliable Customer Oriented and trustworthy. Travel with our well-trained drivers as they make your journey enjoyable.

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How to Sign Up / Refer N Earn 

1. Download mobile app iPhone App Store or Android App on Google Play or Windows App

2. Connect to WiFi or 2G or 3G or 4G on your mobile and ON your location Services

3. Open the app and Sign up 

4. Apply promocode to Get 1 free Ride Worth 50 and 300 Credits for Jugnoo IPL Contest and get a chance to win Smart phone .

PromoCode [ACTIVE]


5. Verify your Mobile number with OTP

6. Book the cab and Enjoy the Ride

How the app Works 

             How Jugnoo App Works.                              
Select pickup location and call an auto with just a tap.

           How Jugnoo App Works.
Get your driver details in seconds along with his current position.


How Jugnoo App Works.                                 How Jugnoo App Works         
Explore while you travel. Track the distance covered while you travel.                  Pay after reaching your desired location via cash or Jugnoo Cash.

Ola Sign up | Referral Code
How to signup and get ₹300 Ola Money and free ride on Olacabs
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Steps to Register on Ola Cab App
1. Download mobile app  iTunes App or  Google Play Store or  Windows App

Solution of Uber Account Suspended / Banned / Disabled / Payment Issue
Solution of Uber Account Suspended / Banned / Disabled / Payment Issue 


If your account requires additional verification, it may be suspended. As a result, you'll be unable to sign into your account and request a ride.

If your account has been suspended, please send an email to with:
- a copy of your photo ID in the same name as your account
- a photo of the credit card on your account with only the last four digits and your full name showing

Please set the subject of your email to "My account is suspended".

This additional security measure is an important step to keep the system safe and your account secure.

Why Uber will Suspend your Account??

  • New users must each have their own valid PayTM account, smart phone, email, and phone number to be eligible for free rides.  Signing up others with your own PayTM wallet and/or smartphone in order to earn free rides is a violation of our terms and will make your account ineligible for further promotions.
  • Creating multiple accounts with your own personal email addresses is also a violation of our terms and will make your accounts ineligible for further promotions. 
  • If you create accounts for other people who do not have their own smart phone, PayTM wallet, phone number, or email address, your code will no longer work and your referees will pay for their rides in full.
  • Its a Taxi Sharing App, not personal vehicle.  So Never ask same driver to pick you daily. New algorithm ( started in june 2015 ) may warn driver once and ban rider's account without notice .
  • If a Driver ask you for free ride after your drop, politely refuse. Many drivers does that for incentives. Don't encourage that practice. 
  • Behave well, thats the key and maintain a rating above 4.1 for sure. Average of last 50 rides are counted. If your rating goes down you may not get a cab when u really want.

Payment Method Issue - Payment - Paytm issue - PayTM Balance Can't be seen from Uber App

Error like "Please visit your account settings and re-enter one of the existing payment methods by tapping "Add Payment"

Lots of people are getting error like "Please visit your account settings and re-enter one of the existing payment methods by tapping Add Payment"

Check if you can see PayTM Balance from Uber App . If You cant see balance then you must re authenticate PayTM or add another payment method to use use with Uber.

Now For that You need a International Credit Card ( Card Issued Outsid`e India ) Which very few people do have and You can't link Another Paytm with Your Uber . 


Delink PayTM from Uber & then again Relink

  1. You can Go to paytm and Unlink Uber from paytm >>>> >>>> Third party Authenticators >>> Remove Uber from Here... And then Signout from Uber and Re-SignIn...
  2. Change PayTM Password from web or PayTM App, then close & reopen Uber App, it should ask for reauthenticate.

Your Paytm should be removed from here,do add Paytm afresh and Enjoy Uber !

EChallan Status Hyderabad - Telangana State Police

Hyderabad Traffic Police e-challan Status Online –

Check Traffic e-challan Status Online BelowEnter the Vehicle Number in this format: AP09AB0009 Incorrect Formats are: AP09AB009, AP09AB09, AP9AB9   E-Challan Status Online for Hyderabad

Note: E-Challan Site is down on some occasions. +Traffic Police : Visit us again to check the e-challan status.

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For any queries write below in comment section or contact us 

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